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On Sale August 7th
  • Beer Festival At Home

10 Beers
9 Breweries
1 Collab Beer
Special Releases
Live Music
Brewery Q&A

Date: Saturday 24 October 2020
Time: 2PM - 8PM
On Sale: 7 August 2020
Location: Your House
Access via Zoom Webinar
Beer Shipped Anywhere in NZ
  • The breweries
A line up of nine amazing Brewers & ten 330ml Beers will be added here as confirmed

1. BubbleFest Collaboration

Beer TBC

2. Bassline Brewing

Hazy Gin & Juice IPA

3. Waitoa Social Club


4. NewNewNew Corporation

Beer TBC

5. Baylands Brewery


6. 8 Wired

Stone-Free Apricot Hoppy Sour

7. Behemoth

Beer TBC

8. JuiceHead

Beer TBC

9. Double Vision Brewing

Beer TBC

10. Mean Doses


A brewer from each brewery will be joining the festival for a chat and Q&A over the afternoon.
  • Live Music
Live music will be playing in slots over the course of the festival.
An annoucement will be made once the DJ and time slots are confirmed.

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Times TBC

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No tickets will be able to be purchased past Sunday 11 October 2020.

Shipping is available only within New Zealand.